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Did you know that infections in your pets’ mouths can cause problems in every system in their body?

Our hospital has always stressed good dental care for our patients.  Daily, we recognize a wide variety of dental needs for these pets.  They range from simple preventative cleaning to major oral surgery. Dental cleanings are not the only vital part of dental care. Regular brushing, dental chews, treats, food, oral gels, and water additives also play a role.  Good dental hygiene is a very important part of your pet’s overall wellness. If your pet has bad breath, it is time to make an appointment to address the issue.   Pet owners understand the value of good dental hygiene but are reluctant to get their pets teeth cleaned because of the anesthesia involved.  Anesthesia is much safer with an elected procedure in a healthy pet than being performed on a pet with severe infections and other problems that may be present as the pet ages.  Bloodwork prior to sedation and monitoring during the procedure are also important parts of the dental. 

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