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Surgical Procedures

Our surgical services include both soft tissue and some orthopedic procedures.   Preanesthetic bloodwork is encouraged to aid in identifying any underlying disease that may increase a pet’s anesthetic risk.  All surgical patients are kept warm during the procedure with circulating warm air underneath them.   Temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen stats are continuously monitored while under anesthesia.   Pain management is provided to the pets to make them as comfortable as possible.   Surgical procedures that are performed at our hospital include:


Spays and neuters

Tumor removals and biopsies

Skin diagnostic biopsies

Laceration and wound repairs

Exploratory surgeries

Foreign body removal

Declaw and dewclaw removal

Cystotomy (bladder surgeries)

Episioplasty (vulvoplasty)


Tooth extractions and dental flaps

Repair prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid



Femoral head removal


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