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Acupuncture in veterinary medicine has been used to promote balance in the body's total energy system and ability to heal.  In all animals, there are precise locations on or near the surface of the body known as acupuncture points;  these points, when stimulated, cause many natural chemicals to be released which may produce changes in the body's internal organs and functions.  Traditionally, insertion of a fine stainless steel, gold, or sterling silver needle into the point influences the acupuncture point(s).  Acupuncture's influence on the body's nervous system is such that it may inhibit pain or increase cardiac output as well as stimulate bone and wound healing, or suppress a cough reflex.  The healthy flow of energy through the meridian channels may be disrupted by any number of things, such as:
Chronic injury
Sudden trauma
Environmental factors - cold, wind, and toxins
Inadequate exercise or overexertion
Insufficient rest
Genetic weakness
Acupuncture helps to reset the energy system "circuit board"
by balancing the flow of energy within the body.  It may be used alone or in combination with other treatment modalities.  The
goal of acupuncture is to achieve the best possible outcome  for
a patient utilizing all treatment options available.
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