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Hello Friends!

Our goal at Stage Road Animal Hospital is to always provide our best for you and your pet.  


Buy a 6 month or 12 month supply of heartworm prevention and or flea and tick prevention and be entered win cool prizes along with great rebates .    Drawings are held the last day of each month.



All pets should have an annual medical exam.   Physical examinations are very important in picking up conditions that need to be addressed while they are manageable and not disastrous...<more>



As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  In order to keep our “furry family members” healthy and minimize ailments, our vaccine recommendations are individualized to each patient’s species, breed, age, size and environment.  Here are the vaccine guidelines we suggest.


The bond between an owner and their pet is typically strong and hopefully long-lasting.  We perform regular diagnostic tests throughout their lifetime to help maximize the well-being of the pet and their time as family members.


We are able to perform many different types of Diagnostic Tests or Studies to help diagnose diseases, disorders and conditions of your pet.  These tests also help us to monitor your pet's health over time as when taking various medications or treatments. 





We perform a wide variety of the more common veterinary surgical procedures on pets.  We are also able to offer referral to several of our local specialty hospitals for more advanced conditions.



Did you know that infections in your pets’ mouths can cause problems in every system in their body?  Our hospital has always stressed good dental care and dental services are part of our daily hospital routine.


Emergencies happen.  Please contact us during normal business hours for triage advice on how best to proceed or simply come in.  After hours emergency links can be found here.



Microchipping is a permanent form of identification for your pet.   It is a safe and fairly inexpensive.  


Our hospital use Home Again Microchips which are recognized worldwide.  <more>


Therapeutic laser treatment, also called low level or cold laser therapy, is used for a variety of conditions to help patients heal faster and feel better by reducing inflammation and decreasing pain.  We are using a Class IV laser by Companion Animal Health before surgery, after surgery, and to treat wounds to help with the healing process and as an additional modality for pain control.


We are offering acupuncture therapy to help with pain reduction and modulation.  Dr. Stacey Beam has been certified with The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture.  She has years of experience using this alternative medical therapy to help provide a drug-free modality for pain control and healing in a variety of our small animal patients.



Boarding services are offered for dogs and cats at our hospital.



Grooming services at our hospital are offered by Ann Seaberg, a professional groomer with decades of experience.




Stage Road Animal Hospital was founded in November, 1999. Our goal has always been to offer area residents the very best veterinary care for their pets that was also personable, practical and affordable. Our thought has always been "What would I do if this patient was MY pet?" or "What would I advise to that owner if they were a member of MY family?" Our dedication to excellence and personable, individualized care caused the business to flourish. Today, we have a caring and hard working team of over 30 full and part-time staff and 6 veterinarians to assist you with your pet's health care needs. It should be noted that our eight veterinarians will be bringing you and your pet over 130 years of combined clinical experience!

Our Happy Clients

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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